Miles and I are both Wisconsin natives. We moved to the beautiful canal community of Punta Gorda, Florida in January 2000.

     I was a technical computer salesperson working with small businesses for seventeen years. Then I actively pursued a passion for art. I create acrylic paintings, make jewelry, and mold clay sculptures.

     I've been fortunate that I've kept friends from all the different times in my life. During my breast cancer crisis, I heard from many people. I gained strength in the knowledge that they value my life. You'll meet many of them in this book.

Deborah and her "dragon-mate" Miles  at the

June 18, 2009 initial book signing.

The author's profits from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer charities.

Books will be made available for fund-raising for cancer charities at a discounted rate.

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Exploding the Enemies Inside Me by Deborah Seter

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Deborah Seter